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Welcome to a unique opportunity where your introductions turn into rewards. At Simple Plan IT, we understand the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape. Our Partner Program is your chance to join our mission in securing businesses against data breaches, and in return, we ensure your efforts are lucratively rewarded.

Whether you’re connected with small businesses or large enterprises, your role in guiding them towards better cybersecurity is crucial – and we believe in acknowledging that.

Do You Need A Dedicated Cybersecurity Team?

Answering these 7 Questions will help you determine if your IT Team still has you covered, or if it’s time to bring in reinforcements. 

How It Works: Your Introduction, Our Appreciation

Introducing Simple Plan IT to business leaders in need of cybersecurity and compliance support can be more than just a helpful gesture. For every successful referral that leads to a closed deal, you earn a commission equivalent to one month of the new client’s service contract. And the best part? There are no limits – the size of the business doesn’t matter. We believe in mutual growth; your trust and support in connecting us with potential clients is a valuable part of our community, deserving of fair compensation.

Beyond Earning: Contributing to a Cause

At Simple Plan IT, we understand that earning commissions might not align with everyone’s objectives. If you prefer, instead of receiving a commission, you can opt to support a cause close to your heart. Tell us about a charity that’s close to your heart, and we’ll transform your commission into a donation under your name. This way, you’re not just contributing to a safer digital world but also supporting broader social causes. 

Join our Partner Program today and take a step towards making a significant impact in both the digital and real world.

Still Confused About Cybersecurity?
See It In Action!

We totally get it. Making sense of all of this stuff can be challenging even for the most experienced tech person. We find that it helps when you can see it in action.

Check out this 15-minute demo and see why we’re so confident that we can keep your business safe…WE GUARANTEE IT!

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